Site inspections are of paramount importance for a good building and suitable, cost-effective facilities management. At EKOR Group, we follow a simple strategy.

*Prevention and protection. Regular site visits help us identify and address any issues before they become major problems requiring big budgets and disturbance of the residents through prolonged building/maintenance works. 

*Maximising value. We make sure all building facilities are used to their full potential, increasing the value of the block and the happiness of its inhabitants.

*Projections and budgeting. We provide regular reports after every site visit to ensure everyone is kept up to date with the current condition of the block and facilities. Should any issues arise, budget reports and action plans will be completed.

*Emergency hotline. We are always ready to react if there are any facility failures or breakdowns in the block.  We work with top contractors and offer a 24/7 service. 


We are proud of our block management expertise and customer-focused service. We aim to provide a credible alternative to most large FM providers. We are always honest and advise our clients on the best type of contract based on our inspection and projections. We are responsible for the appointment and supervision of on-site personnel, ensuring Health and Safety and Fire regulations compliance. We also provide advice and execution on planned and/or preventative maintenance work, ensuring accurate budgeting and cost recovery. We uphold a wide-ranging list of approved contractors who are vetted through an effective examination process where we check the quality and consistency of their work. We don’t mind working with long-standing existing contractors employed by a client and associated with a certain block, as long as their work is satisfactory to our standards and they have the correct insurance.

For the most part, effective facilities management is essential for any working or living environment as it directly reflects on the performance of any property- commercial or residential, whatever its size and scope.


In order to keep your block running smoothly the financials need to be intact and up to date at all times. W set and manage annual budgets, collect ground rent/service charges according to terms of leases, and provide comprehensive provisional reports to clients. Our agents also take care of any legal disputes by pursuing arrears, and liaising with solicitors and clients. (Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 (as amended), the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, and the Law of Property Act 1925, among others.)


After our initial site visit and assessment, we prepare a proposal listing all the work that needs to be done on the property complying with all the legal requirements and the cost related to the project. When all parties have agreed and the budget has been allocated we start the process. We only appoint highly professional and experienced contractors who are not only chosen for the exceptional results of their work but also have the right public liability insurance.


We understand that ‘’Money Matters’’ especially when it comes to block management services. Savvy fund management and careful budgeting are key components of a successful financial strategy and smooth running operations. We only work with Chartered Building Surveyors to ensure all large expenses are justified. We manage the funds accordingly avoiding any sur-charges occurring during the process of the building works. We also make sure every building has a reserve fund for emergencies and unexpected expenses, which we always consult with the residents before dipping into. We believe in full transparency and are always happy to discuss your budget and expenses. Once every three months we will prepare an unaudited Expenditure against Budget report together with a Balance Sheet to keep all stakeholders in the loop. We provide a yearly detailed financial breakdown with conclusions and recommendations for the year ahead.  These documents allow anyone to monitor all the costs and see the state of the cash balances.

If you have any questions about our residential block management services, please send us an email using the form provided. We would be pleased to discuss the requirements of your property with you. All calls are made on a “no obligation” basis. We are happy to visit your property and discuss with you how we can meet your specific requirements.

EKOR Block Management
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